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Favorite from MLP:FiM of the Mane Six? 

50 deviants said Fluttershy
40 deviants said Applejack
31 deviants said Rainbow Dash
29 deviants said Twilight Sparkle
23 deviants said Pinkie Pie
21 deviants said Rarity

Status Update, Goblin King, WoW, MLP, LoE

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 10:13 PM

OK, time to change the journal again.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday last week, it was GREATLY appreciated.  More people remember to say Happy Birthday to me on Deviantart than in real life.  A year older now as this getting "old"er thing is coming to pass. =D

But on to quick updates in my journal...

Status Update:  I've never used it on DA, didn't even know the feature was available until the forced it upon us to accept it in our notifications, whether we want it or not.  I honestly don't like it, simply because I'm getting sooo much in my notifications now, it's taking up way too much space and eats my time to have to delete it all.  I still prefer Journals, at least I can turn that on & off for specific DA users and I'd rather get journal update notices, than status updates from those I watch.

Goblin King:  If you haven't heard yet, he died.  Well, the character didn't die, but David Bowie who played the Goblin King in the movie 'Labyrinth' did, he died from cancer at age 69.  I'll probably get out my DVD copy of that movie and watch it this weekend to remember him.  I thought David did an amazing job playing the role as the Goblin King in that movie and it's the blame for getting me hooked on some of David Bowie's tunes.  Hopefully he's in a better place now.  RIP David.

WoW(World of Warcraft):  I quit it..... again, after enjoying WoD expansion.  I had too leave, as the game has lost most of it's player friendly feel, unlike the Burning Crusade/Lich King days where guilds flourished with activity and everyone wanted to run instances & raids with you.  The game has become nothing but a time sink taking up too much of my time through needless farming just to get better gear that's out-of-date mere months later with no chance of running raids from it.  Plus I feel like I'm always having to play catchup after missing months of playing it through tons of needless farming.  I want to free up that time so I can get back into drawing again & do more MLP related stuff.  Whether it be MLP vectors, Fraggles, or something else, I'll soon be posting something again, finally.  Besides, I'll save $15 a month I can put toward maybe another pony plushie I don't have yet, since rumors have it Build-A-Bear is no longer doing any new pony plushies, I'll have to go the more expensive custom made route I guess.  I still want to get Octavia, Lyra, & Doctor Whooves to complete the Background 6.  Still thinking about Spitfire & Big Macintosh too.

MLP:  Season 5 is over and Season 6 spoilers are starting to surface already.  Wonder if we'll get Season 6 sooner than later, especially with merchandise for the new upcoming season already hitting store shelves.  Definitely am excited to see what they have in store for the ponies in their new upcoming season.  Still hoping for a Season 7 to finish it out to go along with the MLP movie in 2017.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see, but fans have got to keep buying the new pony merch/swag if we want Hasbro to continue supporting ponies for one more season past Season 6 before they pull the plug.

LoE(Legends of Equestria):  They're going to be doing a live server, just for fun, on the weekend of January 16th & 17th.  So if you want to play in Equestria or just curious to see what this game is all about, get ready, it's happening again two whole days!  I plan to be there as long as real life doesn't throw me anything in my way, now that I'm not longer playing WoW, I got time for LoE again.

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Tom Fraggle / Sonny Starbrite
United States
Welcome & Thanks for visiting my Deviantart page. :thanks:
Many know me either as my Fraggle OC - Tom Fraggle or my Pony OC - Sonny Starbrite.

Brief history of why I'm posting Fraggle Rock & MLP artwork here.
I love the Muppets, mainly the fraggles from Fraggle Rock ever since I watched them on HBO back in the mid 80s. To this day, I still love watching the reruns on DVD. During the Summer of 2012, I became interested in My Little Pony:FiM and currently love that show as well. It was actually DeviantArt that got me curious about MLP from the flood of MLP artwork that was being posted at that time. So I spend a lot of my time now of DeviantArt looking at Muppet & MLP artwork. I'm amazed at the talent and love to comment and favorite them, just wish I had time to do them all.

Looking at all this cool artwork got me interested in doing some Fraggle & MLP artwork, so check back once in a while to see if I have posted anything else. Some artists I look to now for inspiration, cause I love their artwork so much, I hope to eventually get better.

I took a couple of different MLP personality tests and I was surprised the results were pretty close to who I favor(See Banners below if they show up here). ...yay...

My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!

Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?

Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?

Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?

What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?

What MLP Fashion Forward Pony Are You?
What MLP Fashion Forward Pony Are You?

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
Hosted By Anime

Hmmm... compare me to a Fraggle & Pony and you'll get an idea of what I'm like, heh, sortof. <Isn't that silly?>
So which Fraggle am I like? I took the test awhile back and found it also came close to who I am most like.
My Top 3 were: I'm most like Boober & Mokey, scored a tie at 100% on them, with Wembley coming in 3rd place at 74%.
The website seemed safe(but, I used a Javascript blocker though to keep out the bad stuff =D), if you want to try it for yourself @:…
(Hint: Check yes or no & used slide bar for low, middle, or high. It doesn't work well unless you use that slide bar.)

(Special Thanks goes to :iconkittehkatbar: for the commission drawing of my OC Pony you saw above, his name is Sonny Starbrite.)

Between all the Fraggle Rock(Fraggle Five) & My Little Pony: FiM(Mane Six) characters, they are all my favorites in their own special way, but if I must choose my MOST favorite:
My Favorite Fraggle is Red Fraggle and my favorite Pony is Applejack.


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I've cast other characters from the Resident Evil games for my take on a rebooted movie series. So if you were initially aware that this wasn't a drawing (otherwise, you can report me to deviantART's higher-ups) and want to see who else I cast, you can check here. And if you want to see more in the future, feel free to add me to your watch list.
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