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Favorite from MLP:FiM of the Mane Six? 

30 deviants said Fluttershy
23 deviants said Applejack
19 deviants said Rainbow Dash
15 deviants said Twilight Sparkle
11 deviants said Rarity
8 deviants said Pinkie Pie
Just wanted to update everyone, there will be a slow down of postings for the next few weeks as I deal with some other issues.  One, I got a slight promotion and raise at work, meaning more work and less time to play around(/lol, joking on playing around part).  Plus I've gotten back into World of Warcraft just this past weekend for their upcoming newest expasion to release in less than two months.  I haven't played in a while, almost a total of two years, so I plan to dust the cobwebs off all my alts that I'll be leveling and getting them to lvl 90 so they're ready to go for the expansion when it releases.  I thought surely I'd never play that game again, since it's not the same as it was during the Lich King expansion days of 2008 - 2010(best WoW expansion ever) and lost it's appeal in Cata & Panda expansions.  Hopefully it's just another phase I'm going through and I will be out of it again in a few months or if I stay a little longer than I plan, can manage my time better between gaming & drawing.

Have no fear though, I'm still into MLP, looking forward to Season 5, and plan to post more vectors I have in the works.  Depending on if I continue using GIMP or try to migrate over to Inkscape or Ponyscape though, may be a deciding factor on how many get posted in the meantime.  I currently draw a vector in 6 to 12 hours in GIMP, but have heard I can slice that time in half going to a real vector drawing program.  But if I switch, it'll take me some time to relearn another drawing program, especially since Ponyscape is no longer supported.  My vectors got some help in critiques recently and I've got a lot of relearning to do to make sure I'm delivering to you the best I can.  I look forward to getting better with the vectors from the advice I was given, whether I continue using GIMP or switch to Inkscape/Ponyscape.

For those still waiting on my Fraggle art I've been mentioning, it's still on my hard drive in outline form.  Hopefully I'll get it finished for you sooner than later.  I apologize for the delay from my volatile life schedule recently.

Happy Autumn!

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Tom Fraggle / Sonny Starbrite
United States
Welcome & Thanks for visiting my Deviantart page. :thanks:
Many know me either as my Fraggle OC - Tom Fraggle or my Pony OC - Sonny Starbrite.

Brief history of why I'm posting Fraggle Rock & MLP artwork here.
I love the Muppets, mainly the fraggles from Fraggle Rock ever since I watched them on HBO back in the mid 80s. To this day, I still love watching the reruns on DVD. During the Summer of 2012, I became interested in My Little Pony:FiM and currently love that show as well. It was actually DeviantArt that got me curious about MLP from the flood of MLP artwork that was being posted at that time. So I spend a lot of my time now of DeviantArt looking at Muppet & MLP artwork. I'm amazed at the talent and love to comment and favorite them, just wish I had time to do them all.

Looking at all this cool artwork got me interested in doing some Fraggle & MLP artwork, so check back once in a while to see if I have posted anything else. Some artists I look to now for inspiration, cause I love their artwork so much, I hope to eventually get better.

I took a couple of different MLP personality tests and I was surprised the results were pretty close to who I favor(See Banners below if they show up here). ...yay...

My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!

Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?

Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?

Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?

What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?

What MLP Fashion Forward Pony Are You?
What MLP Fashion Forward Pony Are You?

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
Hosted By Anime

Hmmm... compare me to a Fraggle & Pony and you'll get an idea of what I'm like, heh, sortof. <Isn't that silly?>
So which Fraggle am I like? I took the test awhile back and found it also came close to who I am most like.
My Top 3 were: I'm most like Boober & Mokey, scored a tie at 100% on them, with Wembley coming in 3rd place at 74%.
The website seemed safe(but, I used a Javascript blocker though to keep out the bad stuff =D), if you want to try it for yourself @:…
(Hint: Check yes or no & used slide bar for low, middle, or high. It doesn't work well unless you use that slide bar.)

(Special Thanks goes to :iconkittehkatbar: for the commission drawing of my OC Pony you saw above, his name is Sonny Starbrite.)

Between all the Fraggle Rock(Fraggle Five) & My Little Pony: FiM(Mane Six) characters, they are all my favorites in their own special way, but if I must choose my MOST favorite:
My Favorite Fraggle is Red Fraggle and my favorite Pony is Applejack.


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SEWLDE Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks you fav~
SoApBoX-08 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello, I used one of your pictures "Applejack and Big Mac Serious Discussion" in one of my new fan fictions:… If there's a problem, please let me know!
TomFraggle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
OK, thanks for letting me know.  Was going to check it out, but...  it's asking for a password to read story.  Could you send me the password, if it needs to remain private, could you send it to me in a private note.

Message I'm getting:
"Enter the password the author set for this story to view it."
SoApBoX-08 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Sorry, it's still processing. It'll be up in an hour or so.
EclairRose Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to MyLittlePonyBrigade!

And yes, Applejack is the best pony.
Cookie-Dough-Batter Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Critiques continued 3 "Applejack Looking At Us Or You" - 

Mane + Tail:
-What happened here at the top of her mane? This part of her mane is supposed to be pointed.
-AJ's tail is too pointy.

-The end of the eyelash shouldn't be showing here and instead connect to the other eyelash.

-AJ's mouth needs the teeth strokes.
-The rest circled here are the strokes being too pointy. "Rainbow Dash Looking At Us or You" - Not much mistakes that I could find in this one. Good job!

-The stroke on her face shouldn't be behind the eye.
-This isn't circled, but some of the points on RD's wings are too pointy.

-Layering error here. You can see the white above her eyelash. "Rarity Looking At Us or You" -

-The face stroke. It shouldn't be behind the eye!
-Nostril needs to be moved upwards slightly.
-The diamonds on Rarity's cutie-mark need to be at the same angle. Here, you can see them leaning in different angles.

Mane + Tail:
-Where's the gradient and the purple mane stroke color here?
-The part on her tail here is too pointy. "Fluttershy Looking At Us or You" - Not much mistakes here either. Good job!

-Ear stroke looks weird, and it needs to be moved to the left slightly.

Now, I hope you don't mind that I also critiqued your vectors of your OC pony. I didn't alternate anything in it, though. :) "Sunny Blazehoof Charging In" - 

-The teeth strokes need to be bigger.

Mane + Tail:
-This part circled on the tail - I'm pretty sure that the color here isn't supposed to curl in. "Sunny Blazehoof - The Pain Of Defeat" -

-The ear is too curvy here.
-Her backside and her back hoof are too pointy. This applies for all of the other sad ponies too.

-The eyelash looks awkward here. "Twilight Sparkle - Failure At Everything You Do" - Not much mistakes in these anymore. Great job on improving!

-Ear is too curvy.
-Both Twilight's hoof and backside are too pointy. "Pinkie Pie - Nobody Wants To Be Your Friend" -

-Whoa, the eye is WAY too high up. The eye needs to be lowered. 

-The backside and Pinkie's back hoof are too pointy.

Mane + Tail:
-Pinkie's tail needs to be pointed here.
-A ton of places on Pinkie's tail are sloppy. I didn't circle them, but I believe that you can find them. "Applejack - Never Good Enough To Be Accepted" - This vector is almost perfect! Awesome job!

-The only problem here is the backside and the hoof again. They're both too pointy. "Rainbow Dash - Never Be Awesome Enough" -

-The ear is too pointed.
-The backside and the hoof are too pointy... again.
-Not only does the end of RD's mouth need to be pointed, but also, her teeth strokes need to be enlarged. "Rarity - Best Isn't Good Enough" -

-The backside and the hoof.
-Rarity's mouth needs the pink filling in it. "Fluttershy - Shyness Is An Unacceptable Disease" - 

-The backside and the hoof.

-The eyelash at the bottom needs to be pointed.

Mane + Tail:
-The mane is too point on Fluttershy here. "Podium - Twilight Sparkle" - 

-The ear strokes are too thick.
-Everything circled here is also too thick. "Podium - Pinkie Pie"

-Ear stroke is too thick.

-Both of the ends of the eyelashes shouldn't be showing here.

Mane + Tail:
-The stroke in Pinkie's mane needs to be more curvy.
-This part needs to be pointed in Pinkie's mane.
-Wha... where are all of Pinkie's tail strokes?
-The hair needs to be more curvy here. "Podium - Applejack" -

-Too curvy on the ear.
-This part of AJ's hoof is too pointy.

-AJ needs the strokes on her eyes. Where are they? "Podium - Rainbow Dash" -

-Ear stroke is too thick.
-Everything on Dashie's nose is too thick.
-The teeth strokes should be a little bit bigger.
-The rest circled on RD's wings are too curvy.

Mane + Tail:
-RD's tail cuts off too early. "Podium - Fluttershy" - 

-The face stroke isn't supposed to be under the eye.
-Nostril needs to be moved upwards slightly.
-The teeth strokes should be bigger.

Mane + Tail:
-Flutters' tail also cuts off a little bit too early. I didn't circle it, so it might be hard to see, but trust me, it's there. "Podium - Rarity" - 

-Rarity's ear strokes are too thick.
-The point where Rarity's head and ear meet is too pointy.
-Everything circled here - excluding the mouth - is too thick. Rarity's mouth stroke needs to not be pointed too early. "My Little Pony - Podium" - 

Here I circled the mistakes on the podium that should be a very easy fix. The only problem here is that the points on the arrows that are circled are too pointy. "Rainbow Dash And Gilda Doing A Hoof Fist Bump" -


-I didn't mean to include the nose here, but RD's mouth is too thick.
-RD's neck is supposed to point.
-The curve on RD's leg looks weird.
-The place where RD's wing dividers and her wing meet; you should not be able to see the rest of the wing dividers when they meet. It looks like you made the stroke too big that way.
-The part on RD's wing dividers is also supposed to be pointy.


-The stroke on Gilda's fist needs to be pointier. 
-You can see the stroke going through Gilda's feathers at the gradient. It looks like a layering error.
-The strokes on the end of Gilda's beak are not needed there.
-Both places circled on Gilda's foot are supposed to be pointed.
-The other part circled on Gilda's foot; the stroke doesn't connect fully.
-Gilda's wings look extremely awkward with all the different sizes you made her wings.

Whew! :phew: That was a ton of critiquing! I really hope I helped you a ton, and I'm glad I could've came by to help you.

I must say that you have definitely improved on your vectors. As time went by, I started seeing less mistakes in your vectors (at least that I could fetch out). That's absolutely a good thing. Also, I've heard you use GIMP to make your pony vectors... no offense, but GIMP isn't really a "vectoring" program. It's more solely based on your own original artwork, not vectoring. However, Inkscape, Photoshop, Flash, Adobe, Illustrator, and Ponyscape are all good vectoring programs. That program I would recommend you use is Ponyscape. Ponyscape is solely based on pony vectors, and it's even easier to use for it than GIMP or even Inkscape. There are a ton of tutorials on dA that are based off of Ponyscape, so look some tutorials up for that, and you should be on your way! :D 

I have a few tips for you as well. In your description, you should include SVGs to your artwork. That way, people can download the SVG and edit it if they want to for their own purposes. You don't have to include SVGs for OC vectors, but I highly recommend you do for canon pony vectors. Also, you should state what episode the vector is from, along with the name and season. It makes it easier to find what pose was used for your vector. Another thing I highly recommend you do is post your reference image to your vector in the description. That way, if you want critiques, people can look off of the reference image and see what mistakes you made.

Also, here's some plz accounts that you can put in your description if you haven't had them yet already:
:icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: :iconnobases1plz::iconnobases2plz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz: :iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: :iconfyre-flye: (Lauren Faust's account) :iconhasbroplz:

Just put your mouse over the icons and hold it there to see what the account names are! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask/tell me. If you'd like me to critique on more of your vectors in the future, then you are welcome to post a comment on my page to a link of your vector at any time! 

Hope I helped you. Have a good rest of your night/day, and keep on vectoring. :heart:

Cookie-Dough-Batter Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Critiques continued 2 "Applejack Is Upset" -

-The only thing circled is the stroke that's too pointy.

-The ear stroke needs to be tilted to the left, and it is also too thick.
-The nose here isn't curvy enough. It looks strange.
-The neck is supposed to point here.
-The body stroke is jagged. It looks sloppy and that isn't good.
-The stroke on AJ's stomach is way too big. It looks like as if there was another stroke that's there that isn't supposed to be there.
-I didn't circle these, but all of AJ's hooves are too pointy on the bottom. 
-I didn't circle these either, but AJ's leg and backside are too pointy, too.

Mane + Tail:
I forgot to circle the mistakes in this. Terribly sorry!
-AJ's mane and tail in some places are too pointy.
-The strokes on the bottom of AJ's tail look like they got cut off from a rendering issue or they weren't connected completely.
-Where is AJ's ponytail holder? I could've sworn she had one. 

-The eyelash here should be connecting to the other eyelash, this makes it look very weird. "Rarity Doesn't Care What You Think" -

-The only problem here is that the eye isn't pointy enough at the end.

-The ear stroke is too thick.
-Everything circled on the hoof is too pointy. The exception of where the hoof and leg meet up, though. The stroke looks weird - pull out the stroke a little more.

Mane + Tail:
-This isn't circled, but the part on Rarity's mane where it curls first near her ear; the stroke isn't connected correctly. The stroke should be moved downwards a bit more. The purple part that matches Rarity's hair stroke color is also missing.
-The rest circled on Rarity's tail are strokes that look very weird/too curvy/pointy. "Fluttershy What Is It?" -

-Not circled, but the nose is too pointy.
-Fluttershy's knee looks strange, and the part under her knee needs to be pointed.
-Fluttershy's hoof is too pointy.
-Fluttershy's hoof is not shaped right here. It looks like it's moving upwards, which looks weird.
-The stomach stroke should not be going upwards here.

-This isn't circled either, but the point where Fluttershy's nose and eye meet; the eye is layered improperly. The nose stroke should be going over the eye, not vice versa. Also, the eyelash shouldn't be under the eye, either.

Mane + Tail:
-Everything circled here is just strokes that are too pointy. "Applejack and Rainbow Dash Hoof Wrestling" - 

-Both AJ and RD need their ear strokes here.
-AJ's muzzle isn't curved enough here.
-This isn't circled on AJ but is on RD - their mouths both need to be pointed.
-Both AJ and RD's teeth strokes need to be bigger.
-RD's neck stroke is sort of pointed here and that makes the stroke look weird.
-RD's hooves are too pointed. 
-AJ's leg strokes need to be more pointed.
-AJ's leg is too pointy here.

-The eyelashes on RD look strange. The first eyelash should also be connecting.
-The random black dots on both AJ and RD's eyes are not needed there. That could have been an animation error.

Mane + Tail:
-The only thing that is circled on AJ's mane needs to be more pointed. "Big Macintosh and Applejack Serious Discussion" -

Big Mac:

-The ear is too pointy.
-Big Mac's muzzle looks extremely weird here. It isn't supposed to cave in like this; it's supposed to stay straight.
-Not circled, but I'm pretty sure BM's rear stroke is supposed to go all the way up his tail.
-Everything circled on his hooves need to be pointed.


-The stroke here is too pointed.
-There is an extra stroke on the hat here that is not needed.

-Too pointy and to curvy on the ear.
-AJ's face stroke is WAY too curvy.
-I can't believe I forgot to circle this one! AJ's mouth needs the pink filling and the tongue. Where are they?

-Eyelash is supposed to be pointed on the bottom.
-This isn't circled, but the eyelashes are way too thick.
-The stroke on AJ's eye is too thick and needs to be more pointed. "Twilight Looking At Us Or You" -

-The ear is too pointed even though I didn't circle it, and the ear stroke needs to be tilted to the right and moved downwards.
-Twilight's face stroke shouldn't be behind her eye.
-Another mis-circled mistake. Sorry!
-Twilight's knee looks strange - it needs to be more curvy, and the other part of her knee needs to be pointed.
-Twilight's hoof is in the same condition as the "Fluttershy What Is It?" vector was. Her hoof looks like it it slanting upwards, which it shouldn't be. "Pinkie Pie Looking At Us Or You" -

-Ear is too pointed again.
-Face stroke should not be behind the eye.
-The nostril needs to be move upwards slightly.

Mane + Tail:
-The stroke in Pinkie's hair needs to be more curvy.
-This part in Pinkies mane behind her ear needs to be curvy + pointed because this just looks strange.
-The parts circled on Pinkie's tail, along with some other parts that aren't circled, are too pointy.

(continued in next comment)
Cookie-Dough-Batter Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Vector Critiques (continued) "Applejack is Best Pony" - Lots of mistakes here too. Again, don't be concerned at all!

-Both of the tips on Applejack's hat need to be pointed. 
-The bottom of Applejack's hat is not supposed to be pointed.

Mane + Tail:
-The stroke varies here.
-The circle on the left shows that the hair stroke does not connect to AJ's ear all the way. The circle on the right shows that the pointy part of her mane there is not needed.
-The top of her tail is too pointy.
-AJ's hair does not need to be pointed there.
-Whoa, that stroke is WAY too huge! It needs to be smaller.

-Pointy ear again. I provided the shape for this one too.
-AJ's face stroke should not be under her eye.
-The nose stroke doesn't cover her eye completely, and it looks like her eyelash just got cut off.
-Applejack's nostril needs to be moved over to the left slightly.
-Applejack's body stroke is not that pointed. 
-Applejack's leg stroke varies here, and it also looks awkward.
-Both parts on Applejack's knee are too pointy.
-Applejack's hoof is too pointy here.
-It looks like there's another stroke coming out of Applejack's hoof here, and that isn't the case.
-You can see where you put another node on Applejack's hoof - it looks very strange.

-The only thing here is the fact that her eye gets cut off at her nose and you can actually see it. "Rainbow Dash Isn't Sure" - 

-Pointy ear again, with the shape provided next to it.

-Face stroke shouldn't be behind the eye.
-RD's nose is too pointy. 
-Rainbow's pointy neck stroke looks awkward.
-Rainbow's pointy leg strokes look awkward.
-There seems to be another stroke showing under the body when it shouldn't be showing here.
-Every part circled on her wings is too pointy.

I mis-circled a part on Rainbow Dash's right wing, so my apologizes for that one. "Fabulous Rarity" -

-Pointy ear again.
-Nostril needs to be moved over to the right slightly.
-I didn't circle this, but the outside teeth stroke needs to be bigger.
-The leg stroke varies here.
-Just... what is with her leg? Why is it so pointy? It is supposed to be WAY less pointier. 

Mane + Tail: 
-Two places circled here are too pointy.
-The stroke in her hair doesn't connect fully. "Shy Fluttershy" -

-Nostrils are too thick.
-Fluttershy's wing is too pointed.
-Flutter's body stroke isn't supposed to be going upwards like this.
-The leg is supposed to curve down and point here.

Mane + Tail:
-Everything circled here is where the strokes vary and they aren't supposed to.

-Eye needs to be more pointed at the end, here.
-The eyelash stroke size varies.
-The eyelashes would look better if they were under the stroke here. "Twilight Sparkle Looks Concerned" - She's angrily concerned. :XD:

-The ear is too pointy again.
-The nostril circled was a mistake! Sorry!
-Twilight's neck stroke needs to be pointed.
-Looks like there's an extra stroke here that isn't supposed to be there.
-The stroke needs to be pointing towards the right.

Mane + Tail:
-The only thing that is circled here just needs to be pointed more.

-The ending of the eyelash shouldn't be showing here.
-The curve of the other eyelash looks very awkward. "Pinkie Pie Screaming" -

Mane + Tail:
-Everything besides one thing circled here is too pointy.
-The other thing that is circled here is where Pinkie's tail does need to point.

-There are strokes missing. I have provided with where the strokes need to be located.
-The ear stroke does not need to be here since her ear is facing downwards.
-Pinkie's neck stroke needs to be pointed here.
-The stroke circled where her stomach and her leg meet is where the stroke can be seen through the body color. 
-The rest circled on her body are too pointy. "Rainbow Dash Angry" -

-The ear is too pointy.
-The ear stroke here is too thick.
-I didn't circle this, but some of the points at the tips of RD's wings are too pointy as well.
-The wing divider here on RD's right wing is not needed.
-RD's cutie-mark needs to be moved over to the left. 
-This part on RD's hoof looks very awkward. The point where her hoof and her leg meet needs to be pointed towards the left.
-The rest circled here are strokes that are too pointy.

-The eyelash needs to be pointed at the bottom.
-The eyelashes look weird. They slightly lean to different angles.
-The strokes here on her eye need to be bigger and pointier.

(continued in the next comment! Sorry for all these comments :P)
Cookie-Dough-Batter Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Cookie here.

I noticed that you asked for critiques on your vectors! It seems like you didn't get any, but I am here to deliver. I am going to start from your very first vector to your most recent one. 

I do understand that your first few vectors were really your first few vectors and that they probably have a TON of mistakes in them. That is the point of me critiquing you! None of this is meant to offend you, but to simply help you. 

This took me 3 hours to do, but it'll be worth it for you to improve. Don't feel bad that I took 3 hours of my time just to help you. I wanted to do just that.

I have provided you with visual aids that mark your mistakes in your vectors. I will post them so you can look off of them. I will list your mistakes in order from the top of the body to the tail.

Now, let's begin, shall we? Refer to this. "Twilight Sparkle My First Vector" - Ear: The major mistake in this vector, in my opinion, is the ear.
-Both ends of Twilight's ear need to be more pointed than they are.
-The tip of her ear is not pointed. I provided you with the shape of her ear on the side.
-Her ear line should be tilted to the right some more and it should be slightly lower. 

Eye: The only thing that really needs fixing here is the eyelashes.
-All of the eyelashes need to be more pointed.

Face: Self explanatory. 
-The part of her muzzle that's circled here is too pointy. The muzzle here needs to be curvier and smoother. 
-Both teeth strokes need to be slightly enlarged. 

Mane + Tail: Very well done on this part. But it's not free of errors.
-The strokes that are circled in Twilight's mane do not go through her hair completely.
-I forgot to circle this part, but on the end of Twilight's tail where her tail splits in two, the stroke size varies, which you should NEVER do.

Body: Good job on the hooves for your first vector. Hooves are usually hard to get perfect.
-Where Twilight's neck and body meet; that should be pointed. 
-Twilight's leg stroke varies here, again not something you should do. 
-The stroke varies on Twilight's hoof here, too. "It's Pinkie Pie!" - You will probably notice a ton of mistakes that I have circled here. Don't let that concern you - we're here to learn, after all.

Mane + Tail:
-Most of the circles on Pinkie's mane are just where the stroke varies. 
-I circled most of the places where it points on her mane for two reasons: One is because the points look very strange, and because her mane is supposed to point where it isn't pointing. 
-At the top of Pinkie's tail, it's too pointy. 
-Why isn't the swirl on the edge of her tail? It looks very strange the way you put it.
-The strokes at the end of Pinkie's tail are supposed to connect together and make a point.

-The ear is too pointy. I provided the shape that her ear is supposed to be on the left.
-Pinkie's face stroke should not be behind the eye.
-The stroke at the end of Pinkie's nose looks super pointy and weird.
-Pinkie's nostril needs to be moved slightly upwards.
-Pinkie's chin is too pointy, and the end of her chin needs to be pointier. 
-The stroke doesn't connect all the way at her hind leg.
-What happened to her hoof? Why does it look like it got cut off?
-The stroke varies on her leg, again.
-The rest on her hooves that are circled are too pointy when they shouldn't be pointy at all.

-The stroke varies on both eyelashes, but I didn't circle the other one.

Since I have a ton of your vectors to critique, I will continue them in different comments. Cheers!
TomFraggle Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2014

Wow!  I just assumed since nobody had said anything for so long, I wasn't making too many mistakes.  I knew I had errors in these and was hoping for some sort of feedback, especially my first dozen vectors, but it looks like I got a LOT to learn yet about vectors.  It appears though I slowly improved some on my own in the more recent vectors.  THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to do this.  When I get a free moment to read all this, I will definitely learn from all this and improve.  All these vectors you see so far have come from Season 1(Episodes 1 - 5)(Do you need time spots?), so yeah, I'm sure they'll have issues with some strokes and edges, they almost look the same way in the cartoon so I just assumed that's how the vector was supposed to look to be show accurate.  Learned something from you already. =D

Just skimming through till I get a chance to study your circles and comments more indepth, it looks like I got the pointy ear thing going pretty good.  <lol>  They were pointer than that until I saw a livestream one time of Bernd01 explaining to someone else about the pointy ear thing and thought I'd better take care of my pointy ears during my cleanup part, I'll have to fix that issue again.  I tried to make sure the vectors were as correct as possible before I posted them, especially my more recent ones, and I'm amazed at how much I still missed.  Appreciate you pointing these out, this will help me to study future vectors more closely for issues when looking over them to make corrections before posting.

Yes, I use GIMP for vectoring even though I know I shouldn't be.  Later when I got time, I'll explain why I haven't posted in Inkscape or Ponyscape yet.  Maybe you can help me with some pointers to overcome my art block I have using (Ink/Pony)scape.  I ran into issues with Inkscape & Ponyscape and found GIMP easier to use for the moment.  Later this weekend or next week(RL just got busy again last week so I'm short on time right now and might not be posting anything for a week or two), when I get a chance to really go over your circled examples and your comments, is it okay if I can comment and ask more questions if I have any?

Once again, thanks for taking time to do this!  :thumbsup:

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