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August 20, 2012
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Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversay Group Jam by TomFraggle Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversay Group Jam by TomFraggle
What do Fraggles do when there is an anniversary? They get together and party! Laughter, music, fun, games, & radish cake, there's definitely a party going on here in Fraggle Rock!

I went back and did a retake on my 30th Anniversary drawing. This has nothing to do with the contest now, I just wanted to redo it. You know, challenge myself, see what I could come up with differently.

So I moved the Fraggles around into a closer group, changed the background, and added their title. You'll find the original contest drawing I did enter here. >>> [link] <<<

I really enjoyed doing this 30th Anniversary drawing and I hope you all like it too. I really had some fun with this one.

Oh... and don't be shy, you can leave a comment, I won't bite. :lol:
lazesummerstone Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh this is pretty cool! I didn't know that you did a submission too! (sorry I've been mostly not paying attention so that I don't get all worked up and worry). Nice! :dance: :sing: I think Red's the best here.
TomFraggle Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
A comment! :hooray:

Thanks! :thanks:

Yep, sure did submit one, it was fun. It wasn't this one that got submitted though, since I did this one after the contest voting had already started. Wished I had entered this one over the other one, I've gotten quite a positive response on this one. :w00t:

Yeah, Red is having a fun time that's for sure. :party:
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